Cancun Wedding Locations: Are Beaches in Cancun, Mexico Public?



If you have not decided “where to Marry,” or have your Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony, look no further! CANCUN is the perfect location for your elope or Destination Wedding. White sandy beaches, turquoise water, friendly services, year round warm and TRAVEL PACKAGES are just a few reasons why you should consider getting married in Cancun. A Cancun beach ceremony provides a Picture Perfect Wedding, and the romantic touch for such a special occasion.


All beaches in Mexico are public, including Cancun and other locations along the Riviera Maya. However, the access may be restricted in some areas where resorts and hotels are built. If you are using your hotel WEDDING SERVICES, they surely have a set apart area where your Wedding Ceremony can take place.

If you are not using your hotel as the site for your wedding ceremony there are plenty of options, from renting a beach resort for a few hours, or just paying to have access to the beach. Public beaches are a great option too, is just a matter of choosing the right location. Some public beaches are more crowded than others, depending on the area and the time of the day. Whether is a private entrance or a public entrance, you will find pristine white sand beaches and turquoise warm water in CANCUN and the surrounding resorts like Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel or Puerto Morelos Plaza Hotel Wedding Chapel


Forget the wedding Reception, the Cake, and the Wedding Decoration; the heart of your wedding is the wedding ceremony, and you want it to be perfect. After all, it is during the Wedding Ceremony where the essentials of your union take place; the exchange of your WEDDING VOWS, the promises of LOVE to each other, and the Pronouncement of Marriage.

There might be different traditions, languages and cultural customs, but all wedding ceremonies have one thing in common; they all celebrate LOVE. Your Wedding Ceremony too is all about celebrating your LOVE for one another, and I’ll be honored to be a part of that special day.


There are as many reasons to renew your wedding vows as there are ways to do the ceremony. Maybe you have recovered from a rough period in your relationship, or are celebrating your Marriage Anniversary, the renewal of your wedding vows is a romantic, meaningful way to reaffirm your commitment to each other, regardless of how long you have been married.

The Renewal of your marriage vows can be a public event or a private one. It can be done in front of your children, family and friends, or it can be done just the two of you with the officiant. Regarding the Vows, there are no written rules about the Vows in a Renewal Ceremony. Couples often use the same vows they used at their wedding, after all it is the renewal of their “original” vows what is taking place. Others rather re-write their own vows, and include some of their experiences together. On regards to the rings, some couples are attached to their wedding rings, others view the vow renewal ceremony as an opportunity to exchange new rings. Whatever you choose, be sure to discuss this sensitive issue thoroughly with your spouse.


A Sand Ceremony is a romantic, beautiful ritual that takes place right after the exchange of rings. Like the unity candle, the sand symbolizes a couple’s coming together as one. The colored sand is poured from individual vessles into a special Vase usually called the Unity Vase. The sand pouring into the Unity Vase symbolizes the life that bride and groom begin as husband and wife.

The different colors of sand represent your individual virtues (ie. Patience, compassion, faith, etc). The blending of the colored sand represents the joining together of your two lives into one, and the combined union of your friends and families. The ceremony can also be planned in a way, that family members like parents or children can participate, having each their own color of sand. I’ve done this where children from previous relationships are present and want to be involved in the wedding ceremony.

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