How to Look After Turtles


Hey, I am Torty the tormented turtle and I stay as a pet in your terrapinarium. I am from the very respectable and well known family which may proudly declare to be the earliest surviving animals with the world! My ancestors inhabited this ground about 215 million years ago, much before your forefathers; I mean the first person appeared on it. Contrary to popular belief, the large, ferocious, and refined dinosaurs were their nextdoor neighbors!

But here, now, I am not able to announce that I am not happy in any way. Regular you watch me to possess a excellent pleasure while I swim and glide backwards and forwards in the tank, but you might not have some concern for me? Do you like me? No, I guess! Now let me tell you frankly that you don’t take proper care of me at all. Day in and day out I suffer from various ailments only as a result of deficiency of your own attention best filter for turtle tank.

Unfortunately I can’t express my pain and misery because God has not given me a vocal string. I can not even scream for any help and also suffer mutely from dreadful pains. My tear blends softly with the awfully dirty water of this tank which you barely cleaned or filtered.

But are you really bothered for that? No, not all! I’m hurt and helpless and at real trouble, just because of one’s negligence! Well, it’s said to err is being a human you are also very likely to perpetrate error. Allow me to forgive this time around and present a fair chance.

I genuinely hope you’ll follow the instructions offered below and alter your attitude henceforth:

Keep my surroundings and also the tank water clean.
Provide balanced diet maintain me out of lack diseases.
While handling, hold me softly but firmly but please do not drop me onto to the floor. Else I could hibernate!
While I stink, continue watching me to observe any unusual shift.

Always consult with a veterinary doctor in case you see the symptoms:

Red and distended eyes, breathing trouble, difficulty in swimming, loss of appetite, nasal secretions, bleeding wounds, soft and leathery carapace, or cracks on the shell.

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