Soft-sided dog crate, the best travel accessory for your pet


Do you have an upcoming trip or getaway? Are you planning to let your dog accompany you on it? If yes, you can give your dear pet a comfy travel by getting him or her a soft-sided dog crate.


Soft-sided dog crates are indeed a saving grace to many a dog owner. They play the vital role of ensuring a pet’s safety and comfort during travel. It’s for this reason that they’re quickly becoming travel necessities.


Designed for your pup’s comfort


A soft-sided dog crate is designed to put your dog at ease. With padded interiors and frames devoid sharp edges, your doggie can even afford to take a nap midway. A comfortable pet will more than certainly enjoy the trip you take them on. What more, crate manufacturers have even started adding ‘windows’ to let your pet enjoy the view.


Soft-sided crates also cater for your dog’s health and wellbeing. One aspect in which they do so is through ventilation provision. Like aforementioned, manufacturers leave window-like openings on the crate’s sides. These are covered in mesh to secure the dog while also allowing in air.


Soft-sided dog crates are indeed a big guarantee that your dog will be secure during travel. They are fitted with high quality zips. These help keep your dog in until you so decide to let him or her out.


Choosing a soft-sided dog crate


When buying a soft-sided dog crate, you should first of all consider your pet’s size. Buy a crate that is spacious enough for your dog. It should let them move about freely and even take a nap.


The other consideration when buying a soft-sided crate should be the materials it’s made from. The crate should be of the right fabric and materials. Check out these amazing soft dog crates at They have spacious and soft-padded crates with waterproof exteriors.


Having a waterproof crate is quite important. Remember, there are times when you’ll need to have your pet and their crate outdoors.


The last factor you should consider when buying dog crates is the zips. Be sure to go for industrial quality and firmly locking zips. This will ensure that your dog can’t open the crate from inside.


A win for you too


Having soft-sided dog crates isn’t just a win for your dog, it is a win for you too. When you dog is safely and comfortably inside a crate, you’ll have all the time in the world to do all you may want to do. Go get your doggie a soft-sided dog crate.