Flying in Four Reviews – Kelly Baggett and Alex Maroko’s Flying in 4 Vertical Jump Program Reviewed


Flying In Four Can Be a vertical Hop App created by Kelly Baggett along with Alex Maroko.

Here’s just a concise overview of stuff you receive with the application, accompanied closely by an extensive review.


2. Bonus accounts, videos and sounds.

Normal variant:

Inch. JumpUSA 15 percent Lifetime Discount Coupon how to increase your vertical jump.

2. Stretch Your Vertical – special report about extending to enhance your vertical jump.

De Luxe variant just:






Inch. Add At Least 4 Inches For Your Vertical Jump In Four Weeks.


Kelly Baggett can be a power figure in regards to vertical jump training. His very first publication, ” the Vertical Jump Bible, was used by tens of thousands of athletes across the globe. Alex Maroko is the author of two hot sports instruction goods – The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System as well as The Effective Ball Handling Program.

Flying In Four comprises all the brand new vertical jump training discoveries Kelly has generated within the previous few years since he published the infamous VJB.

It’s 3 different 28-Day apps built to it (Beginners Program, Intermediate Program, along with Advanced app).

The very first thing I noticed once I got this app is the way directly to this purpose it’s. Most vertical jump programs I used comprise pages upon pages of hypothesis and “fluff”, and two pages of work outs.

You WON’T locate ANY of the at the Flying In Four app.

There’s literally ZERO notion and ZERO fluff. What you receive will be 28 days of nononsense work outs, and you’re told precisely the thing you want todo daily.

Here’s a list of exactly what the app looks like:

START -> Day inch – perform so, Day two – perform so, Day 3 – perform so….Day 28 – try so — END

You clearly have exercise descriptions, images, and videos, however there’s literally ZERO fluff.

The bonuses that have this app are also terrific.

They are the most useful bonuses I’ve ever seen which are included with a vertical hop app.

With that stated, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you will receive the deluxe model of this app in the event you choose to receive it, since it is sold with all of the bonuses. My personal favorite (and best) bonus would be your One-On-One training with Kelly and also Alex.

You get absolutely free usage of the training for your first thirty days in the event that you acquire the deluxe package, after that you pay a tiny monthly fee ( one may cancel anytime).

You are certain to receive personal accessibility to Alex and Kelly, also you are able to email them any questions that you have.

On a monthly basis they’ll set a live Q&A session, at which it is possible to listen in and discover the responses to your precise questions. Kelly are also showing his hottest discoveries in this particular call.

Additionally you will get mp3s of these calls, which means it is possible to keep hearing them in your advantage.

In my estimation, this incentive is well worth the cost tag on the app by it self.


Because several athletes cover Alex and Kelly a little chance to acquire this degree of access in their mind, and also you get it for a fraction of the price tag.


I used ton’t really “dislike” any such thing with this app perse.

But, no application is ideal, and that is the same.

The one thing which I can state is marginally lost out of this app could be the absence of justification regarding the idea behind the app.

As for me, I enjoy this app exactly the way it’s, because I’m sick and tired with dozens of apps which can be 90% theory and also just 10% real material (workouts).

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